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Mr. Elias Tesfaye

General Manager

With over 21 years’ experience in the industry and still the sole owner of this factory

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Mr. Abraham Tesfaye

Factory Manager

Mr. Abraham a Mechanical Engineer by profession but a lifetime experience in the textile and garment industry makes him an indispensable asset and a more than capable for leading the factory.

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Mr. Yoseph Tesfaye

Commercial Manager

His extensive knowledge of the Chinese market in terms of quality and competitive price for different raw material has a great contribution in terms of finally delivering a competitive price for end customers both local and export.

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Mr. Kasahun Getachew

PR & Communication Manager

A diplomatic genius – he was born for the position that he is currently working under. He is our reliable team member and has unmeasured contribution by communicating with different stake holders to facilitate different situations.

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Mr. Sisay Tesfaye

Retail Executive

Spent majority of his life selling garment and fabric to our target market, makes him an ideal as a retail executive by pre-ordering what the market will demand and negotiating whole sale prices.

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Mr. Liben Girma

HR Manager

Principled and sharp, Liben has found amazing team members whom are making considerable contribution to the growth and development of the factories.

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